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Welcome to Costay @ Tropicana Bay Residences

We hope you have an enjoyable stay with us and if there are any inquiries, please do not hesitate to WhatsApp us at:

​+6011-1643 3456    Joanne

+6011-1662 0460    Alvin

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Maybank & Post Office

@ Queensbay Mall




Public Bank


Eateries and Restaurants


Coin & Wash


Bus Stop


Sungai Nibong Police Station

Tel: +604 653 0222

Shopping Mall:

 - Queensbay Mall

Supermarkets & Convenience Stalls:

 - Aeon

 - 7-Eleven

Other Services Available:

 - Post Office (Queensbay Mall)

 - Police Station (Sungai Nibong)

 - Banks (HSBC, Maybank, Public Bank)

 - Coin & Wash

 - Aeroline Bus Service (Quensbay Mall)

Easy Access:

 - Good Public Transportation Network

   (Bus 401E brings you to Georgetown)

 - 2.8km away from 1st Penang Bridge      (about 3 mins drive)

Your Location and Surroundings


Emergency Contacts

Police or Ambulance

Penang General Hospital

Central Police Station

Sungai Nibong Police Station

Fire Brigade


Bus Services

Rapid Penang is currently the leading bus operator in Penang. This service covers the majority of Penang Island and Seberang Perai. You can find more info on their routes and schedules from their website:

Ride Sharing Services

Ride sharing services like Grab Car are very popular in Penang. With a touch of your smartphone, you can order a ride from anywhere and anytime. Download the apps in your Google Playstore or App Store:

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What We Provide

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Everything Else


Bed Frames

Personal Wardrobe

Reading Light

Ceiling Fan

Air Conditioning

2 Electrical Power Points

Kitchen Cabinets

Induction Cooker



Water Filter

Washing Machine

Water Heater



Wash Basin


Shoe Rack

Dustpan and Broom


*Furnishings will differ according to the rooms/apartments provided.

Car Park

You can request for a carpark by submitting the form:

The charges are as below:

Deposit: RM 100.00

Rental: RM 100.00

The deposit is refundable upon termination and return of the carpark.

Access Card

Please report any lost/stolen keys/access cards immediately to our staff. If you lose your keys, the cost of replacements is RM10 per key.

If you lose/damage your Lift Access Control Cards/Car Park Access Cards, a charge of RM50 will be imposed.

Please do not tag your keys with your address. If a tagged key is lost, the lock will have to be changed. This will have implications to your safety. Furthermore, the cost of replacements will also be charged to you.

Never duplicate the keys given to you and never give your keys to anyone else.

If you are locked out of your apartment or room, you may contact our staff for help or submit a form at

+6011-1643 3456    Ms. Joanne

+6012-443 5982      Ms. Nadia


Free TIME Fibre Optic Internet Services are provided in each apartment for residents' use. However, please be considerate of other residents in the usage the internet.

Default password: Costaytropicana

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services are provided for the room and common areas in your apartment such as the common washroom, hall, dry area and kitchen.

Residents are required to dispose of their own rubbish into the bins provided.

Things to Note

Fire Procedure

When an alarm sounds, residents should do the following:

1. Exit to the nearest or safest fire stairwell. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS.

2. If you discover a fire, please do the following:

a) Pull the nearest alarm lever to activate the fire alarm system and evacuate via the nearest or safest stairwell.

b) Proceed to the designated assembly area outside your building.

c) Call 999 and notify the building management.

3. Do not re-enter the building until clearance is given by the fire department.


Fire Safety

1. Check that all appliances are switched off before you leave the room/apartment.

2. Take care not to overload the electrical sockets.

3. Whilst we test the electrical goods provided, it is your responsibility to ensure your own additional appliances comply with the safety regulations.

4. Do not block passageways in your room/apartment.

5. Do not use candles.

6. Do not smoke in your room/apartment (RM 50.00 will be imposed)

Important Links


New Applicant Registration Form


Support & Maintenance Form



Payment Form


All Forms


Termination Form


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