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  • What's CoStay?
    CoStay is a home sharing and a community open to anyone who wants to share an ideal living space operated by Costay Management. We emphasize on premium living experience with a chic and minimalist design. We strive to provide a seamless living and quality experience for our tenants. We have got all the petty things in the home covered for you.
  • How many people can stay in a room?
    We allow maximum 2 pax to stay in the room to ensure comfort for all tenants in the apartment.
  • Can I choose the type of bed in the room?
    Yes, you can! We understand that different residents have different needs. Hence you are able to choose whether to have a queen bed or twin single beds.
  • Are beddings provided?
    Beddings won't be provided due to hygiene issue.
  • Can I ask the cleaner to clean my room?
    Each resident will be given a tag to hang by the room door to request for cleaning. If you would like the cleaner to enter the room, you may hang the tag so that cleaner will enter. *Covid-19 Update*, due to rising cases and to minimise the risk of infection, we are currently cleaning the common area only.
  • What does the rental include?
    Internet bills, water bills and electrical bills with the exception of air conditioning. The electricity bill for air-conditioning will be charged according to its usage.
  • Will there be weekly cleaning?
    Yes, there will be complimentary cleaning per week subject to change on Public Holidays and unforeseen cicumstances *Covid-19 Update*, due to rising cases and to minimise the risk of infection, we are currently cleaning the common area only.
  • How do you measure the air-conditioning usage and what are the average usage per room per month if I were to swtich on the air-conditioning every night?
    A meter is installed in every room just to record the air-conditioning usage only. Other electrical usage is included in the rent. The amount varies, however, we can estimate that it will cost about RM 80-100 per month if it's switched on every night.
  • Is there a minimum contract?
    Yes there is a minimum contract of 3 months with 30 days notice for termination. The shortest accommodation contract ever.
  • Is car park included?
    Car park will not be included in the existing rental. However, the parking space is available for rent for RM 150 per month. Alternatively you may also park beside the guardhouse or by the roadside.
  • Is there any hidden cost like agent fees?
    Absolutely not!
  • Can we arrange for a viewing?
    Definitely and it's at your convenience. You may contact us to arrange a viewing.
  • How do I book the unit?
    Click "Book Now" and submit your details. In order to reserve the unit, you will need to pay for the following: -one (1) month security deposit -one (1) month utility.
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