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Welcome to Gelugor

It is a suburb that includes several smaller neighbourhoods like Minden Heights, Taman Tun Sardon, Bukit Gambir and The Light. It is an area that borders University Sains Malaysia and is adjacent to the 1st Penang Bridge, linking to Seberang Perai (the mainland portion of Penang).



There are various popular eateries for USM students to visit:

 - Malaysian Chinese Dessert (糖水小铺)

 - Super Tanker Food Court

 - Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant

 - Plus 2 Restaurant

 - Man Burger at Sungai Dua

The closest Hospital is Lam Was Ee Hospital, 9 mins drive but there are multiple smaller clinics in the area.

University Sains Malaysia is within a 10 mins drive depending on which area you are in.

Overall, this area is popular with the university students as there are regular places for students to hang out and it is relatively close to the university.

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