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Welcome to baLIK PULAU

This area is still mainly an agricultural town but in recent years, it has been developed as a tourist destination and some residential communities are built up. It is still quite quiet in comparison to the bustling city on the eastern side of the island.



There are some local eateries that you cannot miss! Kim Laksa sells one of the best Asam Laksa in Balik Pulau. Jia Sang Cafe is a go to for seafood (might be a bit far). Restoran Peladang is also a great place for more options

There is a government hospital nearby, Hospital Balik Pulau Pinang, located at Jalan Balik Pulau. 

In Balik Pulau town, there are two colleges, one is a vocational college and the other offers IB courses at Mara Junior Science College.

Balik Pulau is a great holiday destination to get away from the noise of the city, but it might not be the most ideal for the development of youngsters who wants to further study.

BalikPulau Town
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