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Teluk Kumbar is located on the southern coast of Penang Island, beside the Bayan Lepas. It is mainly a small fishing town with a population consisting of mostly Malays and a smaller portion of Chinese ethnicities.



This area is popular for its fresh seafood as it is a fishing village. A good option is to buy the seafood home or eat at the seafood restaurants by the seaside. Good Friend Seafood is recommended. There are other local eateries like Ayu See Udang and Bee Ghah Cafe for some toast and eggs.

There are multiple clinics in the area like Polyclinic Teluk Kumbar and Clinic Series Island.

This area also has multiple local primary and secondary schools and an Islamic school. 

Overall, this place is suitable for people who likes a calm and quiet lifestyle and enjoy the older architecture.

teluk kumbar
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