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Welcome to Georgetown

Georgetown is the city centre of Penang Island and is home to the well-known heritage area of Penang. It is a very convenient location where most attractions are within walking distance and you can experience riding in a trishaw.



Recommended eateries:

 - street food at Chulia Street and Kimberly Street (at night).

 - Char Kueh Teow at Siam Road

 - Dim Sum at Aik Hok Restaurant

 - Dessert and cakes at China House

 - Brunch at Urban Daybreak

 - Have a coffee at Constant Gardener

 - Try other restaurants along Love Lane!

Penang General Hospital is just 10 mins drive away another are other private hospitals in the area, like Island Hospital. 

It is also home to a lot of private colleges like KDU, DISTED and SEGI College.

Overall, It is a great location for a holiday or a long-term stay and to top it off, there are lots of colleges nearby!

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